does this sound familiar?

You’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to hear crickets when you post, you want BOOMING results

You’re consistently having content burn out and resenting Instagram since other accounts are easily having Reels success

You’re hungry to stand out in your industry and grow your biz on Instagram by converting followers into clients

You never have content ideas and imposter syndrome tells you that you don’t have what it takes to create Reels


let’s be honest:

Instagram is the most powerful tool I use to scale my businesses.

The truth is: Reels is Instagram’s FAVORITE CHILD. With Reels, engagement and reach is easier than ever. Reels is pouring jet fuel on incomes. Can you really blame them?

I mean, think about it…

Reels are bite-size, easy to digest content. Just begging you to take a bite.

Picture it,

what if you could…

Have a in-depth, easy to learn mini course to help your business reach hundreds of thousands of people, gain multiple figures organically, convert your followers into paying customers… all thanks to Reels?

Friend, here is your sign to start your success story today.

you can finally:


Post bingeable content that makes what you sell irresistible


Make content creation fun again instead of a chore


Enjoy watching your Instagram engagement and reach soar


Instagram Reels Bootcamp!


My signature, highly anticipated course that helps you master Reels in 90 days or less!

Instagram Reels Bootcamp has been acclaimed by entrepreneurs WORLDWIDE since it’s first release in February 2021.

Total Course Value


  • Intensive, step by step Reels tutorials
  • Over 60+ minutes of video trainings
  • My endless content ideas list
  • Access to my 4 proven + successful content categories

Instagram Reels Bootcamp


  • One time payment
  • Access to all Reels lessons
  • Access to Bonus Bag
  • 90 day admission

the results speak for themselves…

Instagram Reels Bootcamp students are gaining insane amounts of engagement, scaling their businesses, and batch creating Reels with no sweat!

this investment provided lots of growth and transformation

“I have one Reel that now has over 110,000 views. No matter what you do with Liz you will see growth. You will benefit from investing in her. Reels Bootcamp, it’s a game changer. Why struggle when Liz can teach you all the ins & outs to do it successfully?”

– She’ll Rise LLC

reels have gone from a difficult chore to actual fun to make

“Liz is not wrong about Reels being super important for growing your Instagram. The course equipped me with the knowledge to make them confidently. She’s very personable, it’s very easy to follow her.”

– Phoenix Fitnesss & Nutrition

nearly 180,000 views in two weeks with one Reel

“I have gained probably 100 followers in the last week. It’s just crazy, every time I open up my phone I have a ton of notifications.”

– Rescue and Resell

easy instructions gave newfound confidence when making Reels

“I really loved how she walked us through making a Reel. It’s so in-depth but at the same time it’s so easy to watch and complete and know that you did something for yourself. I just love it.”

– Third Eye Artistry

a well made investment for a business owner

“It just uplifted my confidence to open up and show up. I’ve had so much fun, Liz is a great teacher and she’s just a great human being so if you are on the fence and not sure if you should do it, this is your go-ahead.”

– fearlesslyepic

why should you even trust me?

Investing in yourself and your business can feel pretty risky – I totally get it.

As an Instagram coach, I have invested time and time again into mastering my craft. As Instagram evolves, so do I.

I have been coaching entrepreneurs like yourself for over 3 years. I have an immense passion for transforming Instagrams and allowing biz owners to show up authentically, build a brand they adore, and successfully grow their account.

That’s why my DMs blew up when Reels entered the scene. Everyone wanted answers from me.

So I rolled up my sleeves. For years now I have studied, tested countless theories, failed, succeeded, and I created my very own proven method. Then I put all of my labor and all of my love into designing this course for you.

Welcome to the Instagram Reels Bootcamp, friends!

client review:

"So far we have done two lessons now and we are so impressed! Seriously, we have done a good amount of mini certifications and this this is by far our favorite. Your dialect, the way that you talk, you don’t stray from topic. It’s very direct and it’s very easy to understand and follow. You can tell you’ve put so much time and effort into this and I just wanted you to know that it’s appreciated and your work is much respected.”


are you ready?


instagram reels bootcamp liz martinez coaching

Mindset shift that gets rid of those limiting beliefs

✓ Understanding what exactly Reels are and what they can do for you

✓  Access to my never before seen proven and successful 4 Content Categories I use myself

How to plan your Reels ahead of time to prevent content creation burnout

Content ideas and headline titles to help you create ENDLESS content over and over again

✓ Mastering the different types of Reels

✓ Inside look of what makes up my own Reels recording setup


Solutions to common audio troubles and how to find trending audios for your Reels

In-depth, step by step tutorial of how to make several different types of Reels

✓ Access to my proven hashtag methods for Reels

✓ How to organically boost your reach and engagement after posting

Batch creating Reels for efficiency

How to repurpose old content into Reels so you work smarter not harder

BONUS BAG: FREE Instagram Reels cover templates, extra Reels tutorials, TikTok walk-through, Downloading TikToks without watermark tutorial

Here’s an inside look at our

lesson breakdown!

lesson 0

Welcome Aboard!

WELCOME to my Instagram Reels Bootcamp course. I’m SO happy that you’re here! Time to give yourself a big pat on the back for taking the time to invest in learning all about how to use Instagram’s latest feature so your business can grow. Many people won’t take the time to learn and give it a try, so you’re already ahead in the game. Congrats! In this lesson, I go over you have to look forward to in the lessons ahead and get you amped up to conquer Reels like a pro! Let’s throw away those limiting beliefs – I hope you’re as thrilled as I am. Let’s do this!

lesson 1

What Are Reels & What Can They Do For Me?

Welcome to lesson 1! This is where we go over the literal definition of what Reels are, but also how they can benefit your business. Reels is a huge factor for growing your influence in your industry. I also go over my proven and successful 4 Content Categories I use here at Liz Martinez Creations! This is my very own custom strategy that breaks down the different types of Reels I make and have never shared before! Each Content Category serves a different purpose and strives for either saves, shares, comments, or likes!

lesson 2

Planning Your Reels & Setting Up For Success.

Here in Lesson 2 is where we go over how I plan my Reels ahead of time and how I prevent burnout/frustration. I also go over some of my favorite content ideas that can inspire you to create ENDLESS content. You’ll get to understand the different types of Reels you can make and an inside look of what my Reels recording setup consists of. And did I mention I help you find audio EVEN if you don’t have the music feature on your business account? I’ve also attached a document for you to save and use over and over again! This document has a bunch of those content ideas and title ideas for all different kinds of Reels. Enjoy!

lesson 3

Step By Step Reels Tutorial.

This is what you’ve all been waiting for! Now that you have everything you need to create a successful Reel – it’s time to get to filming! Here’s where we go over EVERYTHING: you’ll learn how to start a Reel, what everything on the screen does, how to record two different kinds of Reels, how to edit your Reels, how to upload a cover, how to save as draft, and how to post! You’ll find the free Reels Cover templates I made for you in the Bonus Bag too.

lesson 4

Lesson 4: Reels Maintenance & Recycling.

Oh man – we’re at the end already! Only 4 lessons but you’re leaving this course with a CRAZY amount of knowledge. In this lesson I go over what kind of hashtags you should use, what to do before/after posting for better reach + engagement, how to batch create your content, and how to repurpose your old content so you work smarter not harder. Thank you for joining this course, and I can’t wait to see what you create!

bonus bag

  • 3 FREE Reels Cover Templates
  • Extra behind the scenes Reels Tutorials
  • Transition tutorial
  • TikTok walk-through
  • Downloading TikTok with watermark tutorial

Total Course Value


  • Intensive, step by step Reels tutorials
  • Over 60+ minutes of video trainings
  • My endless content ideas list
  • Access to my 4 proven + successful content categories

Instagram Reels Bootcamp


  • One time payment
  • Access to all Reels lessons
  • Access to Bonus Bag
  • 90 day admission

"If you're like me, you probably spent last year feeling pressure to make Instagram reels but didn't even know where to start. I had so many excuses and kept saying 'it's just one more thing to do.' But, after seeing the effect reels have on reach, engagement, and more I bit the bullet and purchased Liz's Reels Bootcamp...I am so glad that I did! After just one watch through her intensely detailed tutorial, I was able to create 3 reels in about 45 minutes. I now feel empowered to produce content that shows my client who I am and the value I bring to the table with my services. This course should cost 3-4 times what Liz charges for it. Buy it now so you don't miss out! You won't regret it!"


"I never hopped on the Tik Tok train because the thought of it all overwhelmed me, so when Instagram came out with Reels I was like GREAT I can’t escape it and have been avoiding trying to make any until Liz dropped her Reels Bootcamp breaking down alllllll things reels how-to! Within an hour after completing the course I FINALLY created my first reel and posted it, and then created another one for my drafts! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Liz!"


"What I expected and what I received BLEW me away! I was floored with the detailed information, and the organized formate that Liz used to teach me more about optimizing my Instagram to reach my customers. She really thinks about social media marketing from the customer’s perspective. She has gained my trust, and my business’s loyalty."


"I learned so much about social media marketing and I feel like I was let in on a secret! I’m not one to ask for help but I will tell you to put your pride aside and book a session, you won’t regret it. She is so nice, helpful, and full of information. I can’t wait to see how much my business grows after using what she taught me! Thanks again!"


"Liz is absolutely such a gem! She taught me things about social media/marketing that I had no idea! I’m slowing starting to change up my social media accounts with her help and tips! You’ll be amazed with the fresh ideas and all the knowledge she has!"


questions? We got you!


How do the lessons work?
Each lesson is a video presentation! I’m on the screen, talking as I review these slides I made for you. Each lesson varies in time too!
How long are the lessons?
All the lessons total come out to just a little bit over an hour of content.

I wanted to make sure I catered to those who don’t have too much time to dedicate to a course while still jam packing lots of value. Be prepared to dedicate around an hour/hour and a half to digest all the lessons during the course of 90 days! Does not need to be consecutive watching either. Space it out however you need!

How long do I have access to this course?
90 days! Since this course is so bite sized, I truly believe you can achieve it well within that time frame. On average, my students finish this course sometime between 1 day and 30 days.

The 90 day enrollment also prevents procrastination and encourages you to complete this course. Please do not enroll if you’re not ready to have Reels success asap. Hold yourself accountable!

You also won’t need lifetime access to this course since once you complete it, and practice your new craft, you will have outgrown this Bootcamp! This course is solely for those who are beginners or who need a better understanding of Reels. Once you finish Lesson 4, you will have all of that! I highly recommend taking notes too if you’re worried that you’ll need any of the information after your access is gone.

Your 90 days begins the day of purchase.

Do I have 1:1 access to you?
All the lessons are prerecorded, so now this is not 1:1 coaching. However, if you ever need help or have a quick question, you can always reach out to me by email. I’m here to help!
Is this the right course for me?
If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or influencer who has products, services, or items to promote – we can be a great fit! This course works best for those who are willing to digest all the lessons, in order, and wholeheartedly put their best effort in.

This is for those who are ready to put pride aside and understand patience is a big factor to succeeding at something new.

Instagram Reels Bootcamp is for those who know I can’t magically wave a wand and grant you success. Reels don’t work unless YOU do. I care about you and your success, but I can never care as much as you can. I’m cheering you on friend and by your side the whole time!

Due to the nature of this content, there is no refunds or exchanges.